What kind of replay shall I send in? 

It can be a Competitive match, Team scrim match or Tournament match. It needs to be a loss.

How do I find my replay?

Open your career profile inside Overwatch, open replays in the top left, and select the replay you would like to use, then press Share, this should give you the code which you can send to me.

Which heroes should I be playing in the replay?

Stick to characters inside your hero pool, preferably the heroes you would like to work on! A lot of the feedback provided will also apply to other heroes too.

Is your Coaching available on console?

Yes, thanks to the new replay viewer I can easily review console players!

How much should I be playing to utilise your Overwatch Coaching?

If you want to get the most out of my coaching, you should be playing a minimum of 15 hours per week, anywhere up to 30 hours per week for those who want to improve at a faster rate.

What can I do outside of your sessions to keep improving?

Every coachee will receive personalised drills and techniques for improving mechanics outside of the sessions, I will also provide quizzes to test knowledge and concepts we've talked about during our session. 

I can't make it to my session in time, what shall I do?

If you can't make your session, don't worry, simply drop me a message on discord and we can reschedule to another time suitable for you.

I've bought one of the multiple session packages, how do I book my other sessions?

Within 48 hour of your booking you will receieve an additional email including a code to redeem your other sessions, for example if you bought the 3 Hour coaching session package, you will recieve a code to redeem your next two sessions.