Hayes helped me alot with my mindset. Being more self aware and not letting my ego getting my way. I think its going to help me alot in the future. - W1ll 05/05/2021

After playing overwatch on pc for a couple years. I found myself stuck at the same level and not improving. I didn't know what I was doing wrong or where to begin. Hayes was very charismatic and exceptionally knowledgeable. He was able to explain various mechanics and game awareness in a clear and concise manner. The google docs he provides each session was incredibly organized and made it easier for me to comprehend everything each session. My teammates have already saw improve in my positioning and aim after just 2 sessions and can't wait for team coaching. This was overall a very fun and valuable experience and highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve in any ranks. - Qubeley 05/05/2021

Just had my first coaching session with coach hayes after being stuck for too long in my current rank (plat dps). Even after that one session i already climbed almost 200 SR into diamond, after fixing my positioning and fight style, which the coach told me where the most important to think about. He calmly helps you to get to the answer yourself instead of saying "do this, don't do that". All in all he is a cool and laid back guy to hang around with and learn from, and i can't wait to book more sessions for more roles because i know he can get me to my goal of grandmaster. - nxs 04/05/2021

Hayes has been instrumental in my transition from Console to P.C. Overwatch. Concepts such as tempo, positioning, ult and ability economy were still relatively vague and distant to me. However, with the help and guidance of Hayes, I can see noticeable change in my gameplay and mindset. After 2 sessions, I climbed roughly 300 SR, and am confident with my newfound knowledge to continue. - Gismo 04/05/2021

Hayes showed me things I subconsciously knew were good but never put in action during real game. He took these and made it his job to get rid of these bad habits efficiently. Furthermore, he has confidence in your own ability to fix your mistakes and the coaching sessions are honestly such a great environment. Definitely recommend if your looking to improve! - Stat 14/02/21

Hayes coaching has been very rewarding, he taught me about game-sense, mechanics, mentality and easily adapts to the player's goals. The fact that he keeps a document for each student and session is telling of his commitment. One session was enough to see results but I have booked plenty more in the meantime and I couldn't be happier. - DrUninstall 14/02/2021

I've been working with coach Hayes now for around a month now and in that time I've come on leaps and bounds on my support role. He has a deep and clear fundamental understanding of how OW should be played and is perfectly able to articulate and apply this to your gameplay reviews within the coaching sessions. I've also found that my overall attitude to the game from a mental stand point has improved as well which has made climbing the ranks a lot less stressful. He is a great coach and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking to improve. - Barker2016 13/02/2021

Hayes is a really good coach to work with. In the first sessions he already showed me a view on my gameplay that I would've never been able to get on my own, after those sessions I tried to include those tips in my games and I really felt my gameplay going onto a whole different level in such a short time. Furthermore he is such a nice guy and will help you if you got any questions outside of the sessions. I can only recommend him as a coach. - vF Cookie 13/02/2021

The review was very interactive, which allowed me to learn more and bounce back ideas to better understand my mistakes or what I was doing correctly. It was also constructive, by explaining how to work on bettering certain fundamentals. The list that was created from the review has set my new goals and I have already seen some improvement from a days pass - DDago 13/02/2021

I really enjoy the sessions. After the first session my death rate went down to less than half and I saw immediate improvement in my play. He has a very nice way of analyzing the game and showing you how to improve. After the second session I climbed to 2904 and continue to climb. Recommended 10/10 if you want to improve in Overwatch! - Jonas 2600-2900 13/02/21

I'm a silver player so going for an experienced coach like Hayes might not make sense, but nonetheless he's helping me (with great patience) to understand the basics. He's not learning me how to shoot or get a higher SR but how to get better at Baptiste. And it's not the basic tips like "stand there and you won't die", the focus is on getting a priority list embedded into my game play. He's friendly, patient and very knowledgeable. Even when I felt like crap after a lose streak, he told, in a direct manner, to not focus on SR. I like a coach who just puts it out there, so I'm looking forward to the next lessons and learning what else should be part of my game play. - Fjalarr 1/31/2021

Hayes has not only the knowledge that is needed to teach the game to anyone, but also is very structured in his approach to teaching. He was very methodical in the analysis of my gameplay and quickly pointed out the main negative trends in my play without over complicating it with every little micro-mistake. Friendly but honest, informative but not overwhelming, i would recommend Hayes to anyone who is willing to put the work in to get better. - YIPEEKAYAY 1/29/2021

Yo, so i just wanted to say that the time i spend with Hayes is really helpful, he doesn't just give u some simple tips that u find in a youtube video. he goes extremely in depth and explains a lot about the game. He also makes a nice little document for u with all the things discussed so u have a clear path on how to improve. personally i have seen a lot of improvement in my own gameplay , maybe not sr since that was never the problem with me but more in therms of how disciplined i play. - Water Overdose 1/29/2021

Hayes gave a well prepared and structured review, with a positive and encouraging coaching style that effectively motivated our team to improve. He not only highlighted the mistakes we were making with concrete examples, but introduced new concepts to the team to take our gameplay to the next level. He thoughtfully constructed answers to all the questions we had, and was able to rephrase any of his ideas that we did not fully understand. - Muttnik 1/28/2021

I like that he is friendly, he humbles me in a positive way, he is teaching me a lot and makes me look forward for the next sessions. Being free to message him questions, or how am I doing in the game it's also a huge positive for me. I recommend him if you wanna become a better player! - Rikthor 1/27/2021

It's obvious why Hayes coaches at the highest levels of the game. His eye for detail (and patience with low-Elo errors) are unmatched. He is rigorous with pre-fight planning and processing ultimate economy. He catches small positioning errors every time. In the teaching process, he optimizes effectively; he asks not just the correct questions, but the most important questions. - Silverback 1/27/2021

I've had multiple people coaching me from friends to team coaches or people that do free vods, Hayes tops them all by a mile. He is the best coach I have ever had and he has left me really satisfied with my purchases. If anyone asked if I recommend him I would say yes. - Emerald 1/27/2021

Hayes helped me understand how to best contribute to the team, no matter the composition. He identifies the most important mistakes and shows how to remedy them. - Esses (Top 500 Player)

My team and I had multiple sessions with Hayes, both as a team and as individual players. He has helped each of us improve drastically, having everyone go up in rank and win more scrims against higher-level teams. Hayes was friendly, approachable, and strategic. Personally, he helped me improve my positioning and ability usage on Ana, I am soon to touch diamond due to him! - Octome 

Coach Hayes is the most approachable yet respectfully honest coach my team has had the chance to experience. He strikes a great balance of being straightforward about elements to improve while also highlighting execution that's done well. He's made himself available outside of sessions if we needed which made his presence that much more of a boon for my team. So many times that a leading figure may give you feedback on how to improve but may not give you the details on why it works. It's easy to tell that he places a lot of care into translating his ideas into a palatable lesson for players to understand the "why and how". His experience and approach to coaching are in an elite class of his own and virtually irreplaceable. - Skyomi

Hayes is such a good coach because not only he is smart at overwatch but also knows how to interact with his players and get the information the best way to them, a hard worker guy, cares so much about his players mental health and loves the game so much. - Fuki (EU Contenders Player)

It would be no exaggeration to say that Hayes is one of the best coaches I've ever worked with. I've been working with him for a few months now and every session is consistently insightful and detailed and the way they are set out makes it easy to focus on improvement. He is patient and also points out what you do well and gives advice relevant to your specific playstyle. No hesitations in getting coaching from him. - Code

Hayes helped me a lot with my cooldown usage on Baptiste and Ana, and taught me how to communicate effectively, would reccomend hayes to anyone looking to improve. - SirMajed (EU Contenders Player)

Excellent Coach, great information delivery and communication with all players on our team and able to take teams/players to the next level - Cobra (Top 500 Player)

Hayes helped me understand how to best contribute to the team, no matter the composition. He identifies the most important mistakes and shows how to remedy them. - Esses (Top 500 Player)

Extremely nice and smart Coach. Had the chance to work with him a lot and he fixed a ton of my bad habits. He will always take a lot of time for you and answer every question you may have. Worth every penny if you are really dedicated and want to improve as fast as possible. - Naru (EU Contenders Player)

I was a hard Stuck Plat DPS, but after my first session with Hayes i climbed out of Diamond and after a few more I even gained 900SR up to now. He reviewed my Vods very thoroughly and makes it easy to understand your own mistakes/weaknesses. He's open to answering questions outside of coaching sessions and also to reschedule them if you don't have time on that date. I very recommend him and I'm looking forward to our next coaching session! - W4mboo SR 2654-3522

I have worked closely with Hayes for consistent periods of time and he has matched that with consistently top tier coaching. Even at a Contenders level, Hayes was able to guide me into bringing my gameplay to a completely new level, by offering in-depth insights and perspectives that I would never have been able to see on my own. Hayes' great skills in communication, teamwork, dedication matched with his seemingly unlimited knowledge of the game (and overall amicability) make him the perfect coach. - Eli (Contenders player)

Hayes is a humble nice guy, doing a phenomenal job on coaching, been hard stuck 3400 for along time, now I'm climbing through the roof, 10 out of 10 would highly recommend - Zerokara 

Hayes was very professional, giving detailed feedback on what could be done better. Adapted the session to my goals very well and listened to my requests. Nice guy overall. - Kuukunen

Totally exceeded my expectations, Hayes knows what he does and knows how to pass on that knowledge. His coaching is positive, detailed and very helpful. - Eneko

Loved the delivery speed, did the review on the day of the order. Flexible timing schedule, friendly demeanor and attitude. Very clear with directions, explanations and suggestions. Would definitely recommend at least a session to try out his style. - Xander

Very responsive, communicated clearly during session, and was extremely professional and insightful. The best coaching I've gotten from any game, highly recommended if you are serious about getting better! - FullTimePanda 

Hayes was able to deliver the review of my replay really quickly after ordering, he gave lots of really good feedback on my game that I haven't really heard from other sources (Reddit/Twitch etc), tailored to how I was playing. He gave me a detailed written feedback report with training drills that I am looking forward to incorporating into my games. And obviously his credentials are very good indeed. I found it really useful and will definitely book another appointment soon! - Jamfadoya

This is the third time I've paid for this service, and he keeps delivering professional, detailed and overall fantastic coaching. - Eneko

I've just recently finished my session, but it went as well as I could have hoped, I did God awful but he somehow managed to give me props on what I did well and gave me a lot of things to improve on. I'll definitely schedule another one. - Terrancegreen819

Hayes is a great and very informative coach, gets straight to the point and articulates his reasonings well which helps you get better, quicker. I recommend him to anyone looking to step up their Overwatch game. - Kruise - Paris Eternal, Team UK. 

Hayes was a really positive, mature, and goal oriented coach which made me learn a lot during his time with the team. - Poko, Phildadelphia Fusion. 

I worked with Hayes during Team UK for both the 2018 & 2019 Overwatch World Cup, I learnt a lot about both micro and macro aspects of the game and improved a lot as a player during my time working with him. - Fusions, Boston Uprising, Team UK.

Hayes is very approachable, I felt comfortable asking any questions I had, he taught me a lot about the macro aspects of the game like Ultimate Economy and Team Compositions. - Boombox, Philadelphia Fusion, Team UK.

I worked with Hayes for 2 years and he helped me to transition into Mercy, a hero I never played before OWL. He mostly focused on helping me understand how I can position and manage my mobility depending on what cooldowns are being used in the fight, and also depending on what compositions. It wasn’t easy and I had to work hard but I eventually got there. We also worked a lot on teams win-conditions and how to deny enemy teams win conditions based on composition, ult-economy and map geometry. - Neptuno, Philadelphia Fusion.